Simuloptics GmbH

Our core competencies are:

Optics development and analysis
Analysis, design, and optimization of optical systems
Light scattering simulation (surface and volume light scattering)

Your partner for optics development since 2006

We are pleased to welcome you to our website and would like to briefly introduce ourselves: Simuloptics GmbH specializes in development services in the field of optics and lighting technology.

Our services cover the design, simulation, analysis and optimization of optical systems (for example, free-form reflectors, illumination systems, sensor systems), as well as modelling of light scattering and diffraction, and customer-specific, tailor-made software solutions.

(Until Dec 31, 2010, and as the exclusive representative in German-speaking Europe and The Netherlands, we offered FDTD Solutions™ — an intuitive and flexible design and analysis tool for micro and nano-optics (Lumerical, Canada). Until Aug 31, 2009, we also exclusively offered the world-leading optical software ASAP™, the most comprehensive geometrical and physical optics modeler on the market, Breault Research Organization, USA).

Reflector-design with ASAPô

Mie scattering

Fraunhofer diffraction at a hexagonal prism

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